Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Well - we've got one

Lower gs tank, around 3700 maybe.  My and the feral druid are about 5200.  Mage is around 4k.
DK was afk until first boss.  We were going to boot,but it wasn't enough time.  He or she - came back and was a total douchebag.
So - Deadinside, from Gorefiend - this one's for you!

His tirade came totally out of nowhere.  Once he started mouthing off - I stopped healing him.  It's just what I do.  : )

The tirade continues.

So to Billis of Thunderhorn, Pumba of Burning Legion and Risan of Burning Legion - you've survived one of Bhorg's WoW Most Wanted!


  1. haha j, apperantly she was a girl. did you finally kick her?

  2. Dirtyarms- gorefiendJanuary 12, 2010 at 11:31 PM

    That's ridiculous dude. This is the kind of stuff that makes me want to quit the game. The sad part is, that's pretty typical douche-baggery from a good part of our players. It's a shame that people pay good money to shit all over other people and be complete jerks.
    The other sad thing is that blizzard's policy for dealing with this kind of stuff is entirely too lax, in my opinion. Throwing a kid a ban right off the bat would drive the message home much more than one of their slap on the wrist warning emails.

  3. Yeah, so we did kick him / her when the timer ran out. I am absolutely not convinced that this was a woman. I have no idea, other than I really wouldn't believe anything from them.

    Re: Blizzard, frankly, I was a little worried that posting a link to these pictures in the official forums would violate EULA. I can't imagine that it would - if they consider reviewing the official chat log to consider sanctions against Deadinside, then that would make a good lfg system even better.

  4. Lol, J, some kid in a lvl1 toon came on and pst me looking for you related to this post yesterday. You weren't on, but he said you should check your WoW forum post? :P this cracks me up lol.


  5. Yeah Landon - I've been following the forum post I made too. There are only 2 comments, one was very mildly trollish, the other pretty good.

    Still - I think shining a blinding light on childish and inappropriate behavior will help me create the game around me that *I* want to play. Or it will draw horrible attention from trolls and grief me to death. Either way is fun, I suppose!